Science Stream Career Options

5 Best Science Stream Career Options After 12th

science career options
science career options

hey students or I should say our #scientists , well in this post you will get the information about the best career options for you if you are from science stream .

before heading toward first we need to bo back and remember why did we opted Science for the high school , I’m sure you had some plans after that but now did that plan is still on or not , I hope its working but if not its not a problem anymore. you can find other career options below and can go for one of them if you find them comfortable for you.

Remember these 10 career options are only for science students because these courses demand knowledge which only science student can have.

career options after 12th :science

1. ENGINEERING CAREER: The field of Engineering has been saturated. There are numerous colleges offering those courses and the number of graduates is increasing each year.
So why choose engineering as a career, you might ask. Well, some branches of Engineering are not saturated yet. Those are the core branches. Further, there are some new emerging branches, that haven’t been saturated too!

Building a career in those branches will help for sure. So, selecting evergreen branches like Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering or Electrical Engineering will prove to be productive.

Also, branches like- Chemical Engineering, Petroleum Engineering, Instrumentation and Control Engineering, Mechatronics, Bio medical, Engineering, Food Processing and Technology are not saturated yet! Selecting any of them will also help build a great and rewarding career.

2. MBBS , MEDICAL CAREER : Well, this is for those who are ready to live a busy life! I mean, to be a good doctor

First of all, just getting MBBS degree won’t suffice. Nowadays, doing a Post Graduation course after completing MBBS has become a necessity! In fact, the trend of going for super speciality courses is catching up fast catching up!

This means that a student, who is interested in making this a career must have patience. Because, completing all these studies and internships takes many years! Further, Doctors are like perpetual students! They keep on learning new things for the rest of their lives!

Also, after becoming a well qualified doctor, they can’t afford to relax. They may be called for cases of emergencies any time! Still, if this career interests you, then go for it! You will get a chance to serve people!

3.BDS OR DENTISTRY CAREER : Dentistry is becoming more and more saturated each day. Unlike MBBS, many colleges offering this course exist. Thus, the number of graduates is increasing.

But based on how skillful you are, you can build a rewarding career in this field! Like MBBS, PG and super speciality branches exist in this field also.

But unlike the career of an MBBS doctor, a dentist can afford to relax a bit! The nature of this work is not of as high intensity as that of an MBBS Doctor!

You may try for a government career, private clinics or your own clinic after completing this course. The choice is yours to make.


this career is basically related with research purposes or to become a teacher.

Apart from a teaching career, the above courses also opens door to a career in Research and Development. Our country is facing a dearth of qualifies scientists.

Gujarat Government came up with an initiative to rope in topper students to B Sc and M Sc courses. The Government, in a bid to attract the toppers of each school to a career in Research and Development, offered the toppers a scholarship for 5 years!

So, never underestimate the opportunities that the above courses offers

5. VETERINARY SCIENCES CAREER : Well, like human beings, animals too suffer from diseases. In India, Animal Husbandry is flourishing. Thus, there is a huge demand for qualified Veterinary Doctors and Physicians in India.

You may build a great career in the Government sector or private sector, after doing this course. People are so busy, gazing at MBBS and BDS that they are missing this course, that provides good opportunities!




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