What after 10th? Career Counselling for after 10th?




what next , yes finally the 10th exams are over now & we all are heading toward our new days of studies which will show us that till now we were just warming up for the real battlegrounds . yes by the last sentence I mean that till 10th we  just studied what we were taught but from now doesn’t matter which stream you choose but have to go far from only study. what we have to do is to learn what we study .

more that just studies we have to learn as I told you ,we can have many career options after 10th and the most obvious and traditional is choosing a stream for the high school which are ARTS , COMMERCE & SCIENCE most probably and sod some of us have other choices .Its totally on the the student what he/she chooses but as a career counsellor its our duty to give you a good explanation about the above three streams:

we all have our mind sets & we all have to find out on which path do we have to run our carts , more than just mind sets we definitely need to work on the dept knowledge of all the streams which are :

  1. Humanities or Arts : the most common and most chosen stream is humanities because the main reason is that we all think we are gonna have fun in these 2 years as we are gonna be the seniors and we don’t wanna take the burden of studies so much as arts is the most easiest steam compare to the other two but that isn’t true , but actually the reality is that it is one of the most burdening stream as you have to muggle as much as you can , its true that you have certain boundaries in this stream but you also can do wonders in this stream. if you were phenomenally good in social studies and English this is your stream.
  2. Commerce : the only thing i wanna say about this stream is that if you were good in maths , general studies , English and if you are a person who works on stats than emotions than go for commerce because if you want study only for you and not for any other person commerce will help you to stand as an individual in the race . those who choose commerce most of them wants to go for there startups or go for the common co-operate jobs . this stream is related to those heads who know how to deal with the real world and know how to stand apart from the crowd.
  3. Science : and in last we talk about science , guys we all know that only those of our friends go for science which were fantastically good in there studies ,let say our so called “toppers” , yes I’m sounding very defensive but yes this is the truth . in science we are heading towards a new generation and we can discover mass number of new things so if you are good in studies & with good I mean great then go for sc

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