Think About Your Self

In this age of life where we all stand between 15 to 16 most of the students have confused in searching the best stream for them , some of my 10th standard fellows were sure about what they want to study and what to do after that in future but in most of the cases the students aren’t able to find the right way in there life because this is the point of time were we make or break our careers , and at this point here you can find the shine in the cave which is http://councilcareer.com/

the first step in this path is to find the main interest of ourselves which can done by the following ways

  1. You can talk and have a conversation with your teachers about your ideas of every stream .
  2. Till 10th i think all the students in which subject they are good at like mathematics or science or social science so if you can figure it out so you can also choose your stream easily.
  3. First of all you should check the pros and cons of the stream you are supposed to choose by visiting other websites or you can also consult a professional career counselor if you can.

if you still fell unconfident visit http://councilcareer.com/2018/10/07/what-after-10th-career-counselling-for-after-10th/


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